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Submission of the day: 9/18/2020
Sound of Pp. Three things around the home or environment that begin with the sound.
I am unable to access Canvas to publish videos for the day. Please visit Ms. Georgi Davis' page to view the videos for today.
Submission of the day: 9/14/2020
Tell your favorite part of the story Stone Soup. Why is that your favorite part?
Do not forget...Reading Videos will be on Ms. Georgi Davis' page. Homework will still be submitted to your child's teacher. I will continue to upload resources under Reading Resources for you to view.
Submission of the day: 9/4/2020
How does Chrysanthemum feel about her name at the end of the story?
Submission of the day: 9/3/2020
What sound does the letter Hh make? Name 3 things at home or in the environment that begin with the sound of Hh.
Submission of the day: 9/2/2020
Retell the story of Chrysanthemum in your own words (voice or video)
Submission of the day: 9/1/2020
Handwriting worksheet for the letter Hh
Submission of the day: 8/31/2020
Who are the main characters in the story? (video or voice recording)
Submission of the day: 8/28/2020
What is a question? (video or voice submission)
Submission of the day: 8/27/2020
Sound of Letter Gg, 3 things around the home or environment that begin with the Gg sound. (I have videos under Reading Resources that may help.)
Submission of the day: 8/26/2020
Discussion Post: Ask a question about the picture from The Art Lesson
Submission of the day: 8/25/2020
Photo of completed Handwriting G Worksheet
Submission of the day: 8/24/2020
Written/Video/Voice Recording: What are some words used to ask a question? 
Submission of the day: 8/21/2020
Video or Voice Recording: How does Tommy feel at the end of the story, why?
Submission of the day: 8/20/2020
Video Post: Name the letter Oo, tell the sound it makes, name 3 things around the home or environment that begin with Oo.
Video Today will be on Mrs. Suzie Ward's page 8/20/2020.
Submission of the day: 8/19/2020
Discussion Post: Why does Tommy not want to copy the art teacher's work?
Another Delay! Please watch the videos on Mrs. Suzie Ward's Page. I have put some videos of our new letter under Reading Resources, please check them out.
Submission for the day: 8/18/20
Photo of completed Handwriting O worksheet
Sorry about the delay. If you would like to view the Reading video, please visit another Kindergarten page. Visit Reading Resources to listen to the story The Art Lesson.
Submission of the day: 8/17/2020
Define what a character is in a story, and tell who the main characters are in the story: The Art Lesson
Submission of the day: 8/14/2020
Discussion Post: How did Jamaica's feelings change from the beginning to the end of the story? (can be a video or a drawing)
Submission for the day: 8/13/2020
Video Post: Name the Letter "L" and tell the sound it makes. Also, 3 things that begin L that you can find around home or in the environment.
Submission of the day: 8/12/2020
Discussion Post: Who are the main characters in the story? (can be written or videoed)
Submission for the day: 8/11/2020
Photo of completed Ll Handwriting worksheet
Submission for the day:
A photo/video telling us 5 things about yourself (a few suggestions..tell what you like, tell your fears if any, tell what you want to be when you grow up)