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Friday's Assignments--
Morning Work Week 4 Day 5 (Problem Solving and Language Arts
180 Days of Reading Day 5 Writing assessment 
Saxon Math Lesson 14--Odd # 1-30 Pages 85-87
Wonders Vocabulary/Comprehension Assessment(will be released at 9 am)
Math 4 Today Assessment Week 4 (will be released at 9 am.)
Hi I'm Brandy Mann, this is my 12th year teaching and my fifth year teaching at MES. 
My hobbies include reading, spending time with my wonderful son, and most recently golf.  I also enjoy traveling, hiking, and just relaxing.
I have my Master's degree in Elementary Education. 
I am so excited for this school year to begin. I am so sad that I can not see all of your smiling faces yet but we will all be together soon.  .
Working hard is important but there is something that matters even more; believing in yourself. Harry Potter 
Office Hours
Monday-Friday 3:30-4:00--Reading
Monday-Friday 4:00-4:30--Math
Office hours are during normal school days.  No office hours during school breaks or weekends.